Ravensilver (ravensilver) wrote,

New toy! ^^

I have a new *toooooyyyyy*... *sings* ^^

Having saved enough money (and gotten some for Xmas), I went and bought this.

It got here yesterday, but I was away until this afternoon.

Then I got to unpack and paw over all my new shinies. ;)

And I went out into the bitter, bitter cold (it's around -12°C at the moment - that's about 10°F) and took my first pictures, to get a feel for the camera and the lenses.

I still have a few things that I need to work out, but on the whole I was rather pleased with the result.

If you want to go look, you can see them here. ^^ (subliminal message: "you want to go look at Raven's pics, you want to go look at Raven's pics..." *gg*)

Of *course* I'm terribly proud of my new toy! What did *you* think? ;);)
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