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Whatever gave me the idea...

...that re-arranging my office would be a good thing to do...


Why is it that once you start, the work explodes exponentially? I *only* wanted to move my desk around a bit. Right?


Now I've moved four shelves, built one new one (IKEA), moved books, paper, file folders, CDs, filing trays, stacks of paper, more file folders, magazine holders and Puntino (a cat).

And it's looking like the aftermath of a herd of caribou tromping through here - it's missing only the piles of doodoo...

I've decided to severely cut down on filing trays (what *do* you call those plastic things that you can stack and use as inboxes, or outboxes, or just to gather lots of paper in?). Because you know what happens when you have lots of them? You accumulate paper. Lots of paper. Instead of putting it all where it belongs right away, you stack it in those lovely, coloured trays. Where the papers sit, and have babies, and grow into monstrous *stacks* of paper!

So. Eliminating most filing trays.

Trying to file all the receipts (that I need for the taxes next year) properly *this* year - month by month. Rather than waiting until the year is over and doing it all at once.

For today, I'm done.

There's still lots to sort through and file and put away properly. But not tonight. I'm tired.

On the other hand, I think it's going to look good, once it's done.

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