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So, having given myself three days off last week to recuperate - three days which I spent reading, puttering about the garden, and watching piles of DVDs - I've returned to the terrible world of ... TAXES!


I *hate* doing my taxes.

Because I have a business, I have to do both the private *and* the business taxes in detail. Which means I take my bank statements, and the *huge* pile of accumulated receipts and printouts, and try to match them up. Each line in the bank statement has to be backed with a receipt and an explanation of where this goes, or why it was booked. You'd think that in the age of computers you wouldn't need all this paper anymore, but no, the Internal Revenue Department wants to see it *all*. >.< And Gods help you if you can't explain an expenditure.

So I'm sitting here with four binders, a big box of small receipts, and a mobile file holder on my desk, working my way through line after line of bank statement. I'm only halfway through the private account.

*THEN* comes the fun part: the business account. *headdesk*

I *hatehatehate* taxes... >.>

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