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"Special" kumihimo bracelet...

As I'd mentioned in my previous posts, I made *one* very special kumihimo bracelet.

One of a kind, 1x2/2x1 bracelet for the discerning GW fan. ^___^ Show your love and appreciation of your two favourite guys by wearing this lovely braided bracelet. It is made from satin cords and embellished with tiny, lightly iridescent glass seed beads. The adjustable clasp is silver colored.

The overall length (from cap to cap) is approx. 22 cm / 8.66 inches. it's about 0.7 cm / 1/4" thick.

It took about two hours to fashion this bracelet - one for the braiding, one for the beading.

Since I'm not quite sure how to price this, I'll take offers - sort of like an auction. I'll accept (screened) offers until Sunday (Oct. 11th) midnight PST and the highest 'bidder' gets it. Since this is a special bracelet, I will ship free worldwide. :)

You'll have to decide what it's worth to you. :)

A view from the "top".

The whole bracelet.

Closer look at the beading

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