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Feels like Monday... ^^

Even though it was another short night last night - had a colleague over and we shared wine, good food and lots of ideas - I feel fairly ok. The rash is still there and I have to continue to convince myself *not* to try to scrape off the top layers of my skin to get rid of the itching. The pain's manageable. I don't even need painkillers for it anymore. But I'm still mostly tired and sluggish - even took a nap yesterday afternoon! O.o

I've finally got enough energy again to start sorting through my mail and papers, though. Since I've been out of sorts, I've pretty much let most of this stuff slide... >.< Now I have a *huge* pile of things to wrok through. *sigh* Oh well... part of the job. ^^

To brighten my day, though, I got the first of a bunch of doujinshis that I've bought in the last few weeks. Most of them are FFVII doujis, Zack x Cloud pairing, and from my favourite FFVII circle - Final World (FW) muffy. They do *such* a buff Zack! *drools* Wouldn't you agree?

Check out their art here.

And I also have a ZXC anthology, with one of their stories in it. I'm very much looking forward to getting more of their stuff! *dreamyeyed*

Maybe once I get through all the paperwork, I can get back to writing again. I really have to push aside the smut-muse and let my action-muse out again. I need to write the next chapter in my non-Nano story... :)

*HUGS FList*

Hope you don't get too snowed in, wherever you are! We have snow, too, but nothing like what you're getting over there right now. *still remembers blizzards in New York City* >.>
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