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Stuff... ^___^

I'm trying to diet again. *sigh* This time I'm starting off with one of these formular diet things - you know, the stuff made of powder, in form of drinks and soups and such... It doesn't really taste all that good. And right now I'm still hungry a lot. But it seems to be working so I'll stick with it for a while. According to the information on the box, I'm only allowed to use this for at most three weeks. I don't really think I'll manage to keep myself from giving in to my lusting after fresh bread and ramen for that long. But at least I'll have made a start, so the switch to my regular diet should be easier afterward.

I hope.


Right now I'm working, most of the time. Since I've fused my small publishing business with another - equally small - I have both more, and less, work. More, because now I'm handling all the stuff from two companies. Less, because I'm no longer responsible for the project part, but only for the commercial part - taxes, paperwork, filing, handling the accounts and such... Still, enough to keep me properly busy. ^^

Nevertheless, in between I'm trying to write, to sew, to work on several creative projects and try to keep my house in order. I haven't even started on the garden yet... *sigh* And whenever I try to write something short, I end up with half an epic. >.> *sigh*

Healthwise... hm. I'm having back problems, more than usual. But I'm hoping that they'll ease up again once I've dropped a bit of weight. Stressed out, sometimes. Feeling tired and just not up to par once in a while. But on the whole, I'm still kicking. ^^;

Have expanded my fandoms to include FFVII (among other things because I'm playing - on and off - Crisis Core) and Devil May Cry. I seem to have a thing for manly men - because my faves in those fandoms are Dante and Angeal. *grin* Maybe it's an age thing. ;P

Put up some more doujinshis over in my Treasure Shop. I have also dug out some merchandise that I've never put online for some odd reason. I'll be adding that as time goes by. So wander on over from time to time. :)

So. That's pretty much it for now.


Take good care of yourselves, you hear now? ^___^
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