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Website updated


I was too tired last night to continue (ok, it was more like 2 am in the morning... >.>) so I decided to start with the Gundam Wing stories today. I've put up all the PG stories and drabbles that I have so far. And realized that I seem to have an unhealthy fascination with death fics. >.> There are three of them up there! But they're clearly labled, so you can steer clear of them, if you want. :) I'm not as prolific as kracken, but I never realized that I *did* write quite a few fics in that fandom... ^___^

So, for those of you who don't know my Gundam Wing stories yet, here you go: Ravensilver's GW stuff

I'll add the NC-17 ones when I have a little more time. :)
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