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You know how sometimes you read something and for just one short moment, you'd like to take the person who wrote the post and slice them and dice them and generally hurt them very much?

There's an 'artist' on DeviantArt that occasionally writes about news-articles that he's found and that he finds interesting, strange or funny. Most of the time, his posts are ok - interesting to read, and he always posts a link to the original newspost, so that you can read it for yourself.

His newest post is called "The Anti Rape Condom With Teeth". He cites the original news article and then adds his own thoughts to it. Most of it is inane, but I took exception to his last sentence, which is "But honestly who the hell would even use it?".

Now, I have to say I have never been raped. But I know enough women who have, and my imagination is good enough (and I think all of us who write have at *least* that much imagination) to understand what it means for a woman to be raped.

So I posted a comment:

"But honestly who the hell would even use it?

Every woman who has ever been raped.

Every woman who has ever been in *danger* of being raped.

Every woman walking home alone.

Every woman.

African men still believe that you can cure AIDS by having unprotected sex with a virgin - the younger the better. In my daughter's school, there was a girls' choir from South Africa that came for concerts every year. Last year, there was a lovely young girl with the voice of an angel. This year, she wasn't with the choir anymore. Why? Because she was raped repeatedly and left alone, pregnant, by an AIDS infected man. She was 12.

I'm sure she would have appreciated the opportunity of using one of those condoms, too.

His reply was:

"I hardly believe that billions of women around the world will jump on the "anti condom with teeth" wearing bandwagon."

Now... Maybe he's just a stupid dick who really can't understand what a product like this could mean to a woman - to her survival, to her personal integrity.

Maybe I'm the one who's in the wrong to think that this product might be a good idea, *especially* in a country where rape is as common as having coffee with your breakfast. The product, by the way, is called "rape-aXe" and is really available. It's not a spoof.

I can well imagine that if you're living in an area where the chances that you might be raped are extremely high, you wouldn't be *dis*interested in this kind of product.

So this guy is probably just an idiot. He's probably never had to deal with a woman being raped. But what it shows to me is the callous way in which men brush something like this off. You'd think in this day and age they've come close enough to their female partners, family and friends to at least *emphasize* with them. But it looks like we're still in the Dark Ages where some things are concerned.



Jun. 29th, 2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
I think it's a great product, but was confused at first by the word 'condom.' Once I read through the description and saw the woman puts it inside ahead of time, things became clearer because I couldn't envision a rapist being convinced to wear any condom.

In some countries, they should be passed out for free, but in those countries the woman would probably be put up on charges for damaging the guy.
Jun. 29th, 2010 07:50 pm (UTC)
I think that the woman who developed these was giving them out for a very low price in South Africa at the moment. Because SA has one of the highest rape rates in the world...

The guy should be glad it doesn't chew off his dick. >.< I'd cut it off, slice it, fry it, and feed it back to him... >.>


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