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Am I infecting you all with my dragon craze? ;)

I know, it's silly, but it's fun to see the eggs hatch, and the little ones grow up...

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!



I think I'm finally slipping into menopause. My period is doing weird things. It's not coming when it should, it 'graces' me with a week of back- and bellyaches, instead of just one day. And *when* it comes, it's as if someone had pulled the plug on a full bathtub. >.< There are few things about aging that I like, but the day when *this* whole rigamarole stops, will be a day for celebration. >.<

Going to Munich today. Will be meeting with someone whom I only know from one of my online browser games. Oh, nothing romantic. We've only been playing together for years, so since he's 'nearby', we thought it might be nice to finally meet in person. :) I look forward to that.

The weather's still warm, but it's a bit cloudy today. We had a thunderstorm last night that woke me up, despite the fact that I sleep with earplugs and usually don't hear *anything*! It was *that* loud! Woke up, turned around, went back to sleep. :)

Haven't had my cup of morning tea yet - and it's already 11:47 am... >.> Time to go and do so... ^__^
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