Ravensilver (ravensilver) wrote,

This will be the last little one for a while. It takes too much of my nerve and time to keep up with all of them... *gg* Just like kids. :) Adopt one today! It still needs a little love to grow, so go ahead and pet it...

My female parts have finally decided to do what they're supposed to do - after gracing me with over a week of cramps and backaches and what-not. This is getting ridiculous! >.<

Weather has gone back to sunny and warm. We had two days where it looked like it *might* rain - but didn't. So I have to go down and water the garden in just a moment... Potted almost everything, but had to take two of the plants up to my office, since Oskar decided that they looked like playgrounds and started digging in. Having fresh soil spread all over your counter-tops in the dining room is *not* my idea of decorating. >.<

Boring stuff to do today: taxes. >.
Tags: cat, garden, taxes, work

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