Ravensilver (ravensilver) wrote,

Send us good thoughts on Thursday!

Tomorrow (or today... depending on where you are on this planet), Thursday July 8th, at 10:45 am local time (that's GMT +1), we shall be in Augsburg in court for another round of "lets see whether the insurance company finally sees the light". Again, we will be rehashing the entire accident, with us saying it's the driver's fault (of *COURSE* it is!!!) and the insurance company saying that it's ok to be doing around 85 mph on a small country road and then running over bikers that happen to share that *same* road.

We need another 100 % verdict! That means, the driver (and insurance company) are 100 % responsible.

So send us whatever energies, good thoughts, prayers of all denomiations and mojo that you can spare! We'll need it!

*HUGS FList*

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