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Ye Gods!

I know that sometimes doujinshis - and stuff produced by very popular doujinshi circles - can be expensive. I have, on occasion, payed a hefty price for a doujinshi that I was looking for, or that was still missing from my collection.

But sometimes...

I spotted this auction on Yahoo!Japan last week. I had my proxy bid on it - but not too much, because it wasn't *really* high on my list of 'must-haves'. But I thought I'd follow the auction, just out of curiosity.

It finished up at 12,0000 Yen! That's $ 137 at the current exchange rate!

For a fan.

And a small fanbook/doujinshi type thing.

Right now, that set is up on Yahoo!Japan for 12650 Yen - approx. $ 145.

I love Finalworld's stuff, but... no. Just... no.

My heart bleeds but... not for $ 145. Never mind the fact that I don't even *have* that kind of money right now...

That just goes to show that not every doujinshi or fanproduct goes for $ 2,50 - even though a lot of fans seem to think that...
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