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So this morning, I started up my computer like I do every day. And there was this *very* strange noise - like something had gotten caught in one of the fans (I have three in my computer tower). So, after doing a quick check of my emails and fast exchange of "good morning"s with my business partner, I thought it might be a good idea to re-start the computer.


It didn't.

I tried everything. Re-starting several times. Taking it completely offline - power-wise and internet-wise - and re-starting it. Using a boot-disc. Jiggling everything that I could jiggle.


Insert cries of despair and ripping out of hair here...

Finally, I took it to the shop and said "fix it, now!". The technician there mumbled something about not getting it done because of all the diagnostics and what ifs... I said, less talk, more doing. He went and did. ^^

Then I went back home, feeling like I'd had something amputated... *sigh* Just goes to show how dependent I've gotten on having my computer available all the time. Especially since my laptop's in Australia with my daughter... *big sigh*

At loose ends at home, I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and the dining room, vacuumed the hallway, vacuumed, cleaned and mopped the bathroom and started on the living-room. Then the call from the shop: it's 'only' a loose connection and the fan of the graphic card - which doesn't need replacing if I don't mind the noise. Putting in a second hard disc so that I can do more back-ups, just in case...

I was never happier to pick up my big blue computer from the shop than today. Even if it *did* cost as much as I'd budgeted for food for the next two weeks... >.> Oh well... better to have my sweety back than not be able to work.

Now to do that data backup that I'd intended when I started the computer this morning... >.>


Oct. 15th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)

Ich habe gerade überlegt, warum *Du* noch wach und online bist! *ggg*

Bin nämlich selber gerade schon auf dem Weg in's Bett, weil ich auch nicht mehr tippen kann. Und ausserdem sollte ich mal *vor* 1 Uhr Nachts ins Bett kommen. *seufz*

Bei mir war's damals 'nur' das Netzteil... aber geraucht und gestunken hat's auch. Heute früh, das war eigentlich schlimmer. Wenn *gar* nix mehr geht, und sich der Rechner nicht mal mehr hochfährt, dann kommen einem schon die allerschlimmsten Gedanken. Den Göttern sei's gepriesen und getrommelt, dass es dann doch nicht *ganz* so schlimm war... ^^

*Schweiss von Stirn wisch*


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