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One down, two more to go...

*wipes brow*

Finished the first of three commissioned (over on Y!Gal) stories. I'd actually had them done already, then lost all three in my last computer crash. >.< So I'm re-writing them!

I never dreamed that it would be *much* harder to re-write something that you'd already finished, than writing it the first time around. I still have the ideas in my head, but it doesn't always flow as easily...

Nevertheless, the first one's done. ^__^ It's almost pure smut - with plot. *gg* And, as always, it ends up being an epic rather than just a short story. 8339 words, this time. *headdesk*

*Why* can't I just write nice, *short* PWPs...

Oh well. We'll see what the commissioner says... Hope s/he likes... *anxious*
Tags: commission, ff7 fanfic, writing

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