Ravensilver (ravensilver) wrote,

It's cold out there... *shivers*

Made it back from my accounting course.

Now my fingers hurt. It's -7°C (around 19° Fahrenheit) out there and my car door refused to close properly. So I was fiddling around in the cold - without gloves, of course, because my gloves, while warm, are really *thick* and you can't do any fine work with these. So fiddling with the car door lock required my fingers. At least it finally decided to close - for the way back.

On my way *to* the course, it didn't. So I took a tension belt (which I always have in my car), looped it around the inside handles of both doors and cinched it tight. And drove to the accounting course with my door roped shut! ^____^;

Unfortunately, the arthritis in my upper finger joints doesn't like cold at *all*. So the upper finger joints are hurting. >.< Very unpleasant. I'd really like to have a pair of gloves that's warm, but thin. I'm not sure if something like that exists. Because most of the time I need the gloves when I drive in the winter. My car, being old, has all sorts of little malaises that I need to take care of before I can drive off, and it takes a while to warm up *while* I'm driving. So I can't have gloves the size of boxing gloves. Haven't found anything properly thin *and* warm, yet...

Aside from that, accounting was ok. I'm starting to understand the basics and really, that's pretty much all I need. I leave the serious stuff like taxes to my CPA. I just have to be able to do the day-to-day stuff. I think I will be able to handle that after this course. So, two evenings done, six more to go... :)
Tags: accounting course, car, cold, fingers, freezing, winter
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