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Shopping in Germany...

Sometimes I forget where I live... >.>

I usually do my shopping (food and otherwise) in the afternoon, because I can combine that with a run to the post office. Today I'd been waiting to hear from Cilli as to when she'll get here, and totally missed my shopping 'window'. So I just ran out and drove over to the supermarket to get the stuff that I had run out of.

I walk into the place at 7:30 pm. Now mind you, the store closes at 8 pm (yes, that's normal closing time here). I go through the aisles fairly briskly since I have a list and know exactly what I need. Then I get to the vegetables and fruits aisle. And it's half empty! A young employee is standing there, packing crates upon crates of foodstuff onto a cart, preparatory to putting it away. I'm like... O.o It's not 8 pm yet. She just shrugs and continues. I just manage to grab what I need before she takes away *those* crates, too.

Then on to the meat, meat cuts and cheese counter. It's 7:40 now. The counters are almost empty, everything stacked neatly into carts in the back of the counter, again, preparatory for being taken away. Me: O.o Then the lady behind the counter says, "Well, since we don't get overtime, we make sure to be *finished* at exactly 8 pm. That means we clear everything away half an hour early."

I wander away in a daze...

Now I know why I don't shop in the evening... >.>

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