Ravensilver (ravensilver) wrote,

Good morning world!

*THIS* morning we had the sunrise we *should* have had yesterday. >.< Clear and bright... *sigh*

Oh well.

Got up at 8 am. I'm trying to get back to a more 'normal' schedule. Didn't watch the time last night and so I wasn't in bed until 0:30 am, instead of *before* midnight. But ok... A little tired this morning, but not *too* bad. :)

1239 words this morning. Had to stop, or I would have kept going... I was writing once of my OC's 'Voice Journal' instead of working on the story. But he's been yakking into my inner ear for days now, so I figured it's time to sit down and let him have his say.

I picked up the idea of the 'voice journal' from the The Art of War for Writers: Fiction Writing Strategies, Tactics, and Exercises. He has a whole chapter on the voice journal in there. Basically he says if you don't know who and what your character is, then just let them talk to you. Well, this one was blabbing on and on... So that's all for the better. The more he talks, the more I know about him and can put into the story.

Ultimately, I'll probably have at least five voice journals, because those are the main characters. :)

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