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Character Voice Journal:

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I had to stop, because he would have just gone on and on, if I'd let him... :)


I signed on to something *very* different two days ago: CouchSurfing. ^___^ I'm sure some of you have heard of this. I figured, why not? It might be an interesting way to meet people, especially since *I* don't get out that much.

Hm... Interesting might not be the right word for it. Had my first CouchSurfer staying here from yesterday to today. 31-year old guy from Israel, lives in Berlin. Now, if I believed every story that he told me yesterday, then I had a 31-year old fighter pilot turned real estate broker who made half a million Euros a year selling housing developments to and for investment firms sitting in my living room.

Uhn... yeah...

I have to say *one* thing for this guy - he has a *very* fertile imagination! And I will *definitely* chalk this up to one of the more interesting experiences in my life. Quite a playboy, the young man. ^___^

Well, he took off into the wild blue yonder by lunch-time, *still* 'forgetting' to give me his business card... but he left everything tidy and clean, made great pasta the night before, and I had a good laugh or two.

So all in all, not a bad experience.

We'll see who's next... ^___^

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