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The things I do on a day off... >.>

Today was a nation-wide holiday. Something Xtian... but don't ask me, what.

Whatever it was, it was a day off. ^^ I like days off. Especially when I spend them home, alone. :)

Slept long, spent a nice amount of time over breakfast, did some reading....

>.> *sigh* Yeah. Instead of lounging around in slothful delight, I cleaned.

To be honest, I tackled parts of the house that I had more or less ignored over the last few weeks. Like the upstairs hallway. And the library. And the living room. These are places which I don't use as frequently, so I don't pay much attention to them.

Today, I did. Finally found the attachment for my vacuum-cleaner which was meant for taking up all that cat hair. It's got revolving brushes inside that pull up the hairs from the carpet and the upholstery.

So I vacuumed, and dusted, and put things away, and wiped down shelves and tables and stuff, cleaned spots from the carpet, that sort of thing... Always taking breaks in between, because my back currently doesn't like me doing anything strenuous, even if it's cleaning. But this way I got through a large part of the house that I'd been neglecting. Now it's looking *much* better. ^^ Also threw some of the decoration textiles into the wash: couch pillow covers, throws, small table cloths...

In between, I also went into the garden and took a few pics. ^^ It had been raining steadily and just let up for a bit, so I went out to capture water drops. The rain is very fine, so it settled on all the plants like a smattering of crystals.

Have a peek:

And for the second time this spring, we have a pair of blackbirds nesting right underneath our roof eaves, next to my bedroom window. Right now, the little baby birds must be close to trying out their wings, because the parents get *frantic*, every time one of my cats so much as gets close to one of the windows. When I was outside, taking the pictures, I had cats sitting in *three* of the four forward facing windows. ^^ The poor birds didn't know whom to dive-bomb first!

Yeah, they actually dive-bomb the windows, trying to chase the cats away! ^^

The female was sitting on a branch, furiously berating the watching cats, while I was outside taking pics. I couldn't get any closer, and there were a lot of plants between my camera and her, but I did manage a shot or two... Here is one:

She was *very* loud!

When I was done with everything, I made Caprese for myself and enjoyed it together with a good glass of Merlot.

Gonna finish up the mails and such and then it's off to bed with a good book!

*HUGS FList*


(Deleted comment)
Jun. 3rd, 2011 08:36 am (UTC)
Thank you! *HUG*

Blue jays? Yes, they're very noisy, too. We don't have any in the neighborhood, though my mother does. But then, she's closer to the woods, so that makes it easier for them to come to her property. I'm pretty much hemmed in by houses and streets. Very villagey. ^^;


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