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It's official...

The weather is getting *very* strange...

The switch from warm, sunny fall weather to the cold and rainy variant was normal. What wasn't, was the mini thunderstorm that we had this afternoon. I was in the bathroom, trying to decide between continuing to read LoTR for the umpteenth time and finally taking a shower and getting dressed, when suddenly, everything went dark outside and there was this flash of lightning, followed by a loud peal of thunder. It continued like that for a few minutes, then it started to rain. Or so I thought.

Nope. It was hailing. And it went from small, light hailstones to ones as big as hazelnuts.

An hour later, the hail's still lying in the gardens and on the roofs, looking just like winter's begun.

Tags: disgusting weather, fall, hail, i want to move to the bahamas, winter

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