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Lately I seem to be starting most of my journal entries with 'yes, I'm still alive'... ^^;;

Work is piling up. Which is good. It means that we're finally getting somewhere. But it's bad, because I don't have time for anything else anymore.

No leisurely wandering through all my Firefox tabs. No looking through all those new deviations on DA. No playing browser games... >.>

Not quite, but it sometimes seems that way. I do read through all the entries. But then the phone rings, or my partner sends me a message on Skype, and off I go again. >.<

I wanted to do NaNo, but everytime I typed a sentence I ended up erasing it. The muse just isn't talking to me right now. *sigh*

The only non-work thing I *did* do lately, was sew a curtain for my daughter (for her room at boarding school) and a pillow which I've been wanting to make for *ages*! I figured, if I already have the sewing machine out and all the sewing stuff cluttering up my dining room, why not go all the way?

This is how it turned out:

I used this pattern by Amy Butler. I *didn't* use her fabrics, because they run an average of $ 22-28 per meter (a little more than a yard). I went to IKEA instead. ^^;; There I get nice fabrics for about $ 8 a yard. Sometimes even less...

On the other hand, this thing is *huge* (see size comparison with cat) and needs an inordinate amount of stuffing. >.> I had to re-order stuffing because the bag (what the lady is holding in her arms) bag I had wasn't enough. O.o

So if I make another one, it will be the smaller version. ^^;;

Now, back to my stacks of work. My to-do lists are getting longer, rather than shorter... >.>

*HUGS FList*

Keep safe and sound, all! <3 <3 <3


Nov. 22nd, 2011 08:48 am (UTC)
Thank you.

It's nice and big. Once I've added more stuffing, you can even sit on it, or put your feet up on it, or drape yourself over it, or...

Yes, it's very comfortable. ^___^


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