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Spamming you today... ^^

Before one of my best friends died at the end of February, she had been gifted a lap harp by her children, to accompany her while she spent her last weeks at the hospice.

After she'd passed on, one of her daughters received the harp, because she wanted to try her hand at it.

Last weekend, it was gifted to me, because she realized that the harp wasn't for her.

I confess that I've wanted a lap harp for a long time, and I would have much preferred to have my friend, rather than the harp. But since the harp has been passed on to me, I will treasure it and do my very best to learn how to play it - despite my arthritic fingers. The harp and I have already become aquainted a bit, and I'll be tuning her later today and working on the first finger exercises.

Doesn't have a name yet, but that will come... ^^



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