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Playing at carpentry

For the last few weeks, I've been sharing my home office with my cat, Yuuki. The poor dear had great problems with her gums and couldn't eat, was getting sicker and sicker and the other cats picked on her something terrible. So I put her in my home-office, so she would have peace and quiet, especially after she'd had her gums treated at the vet clinic.

On the whole, I don't mind having a cat in my office, though the hairs and the little bits of cat litter all over the place aren't quite what I wanted. I don't mind it in the rest of the house, but so far my office had been spared. Oh well.

Nevertheless, this presented another problem: She loves to join me when I'm working, sprawling right across my entire desk, pushing all the (previously sorted) papers off to the floor, occupying the space usually taken up by my keyboard and so on.

I needed a new desk!

I had a definite idea of how large I wanted my desk to be, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. So I decided to build it myself. ^^;;

Went to the local home improvement store. Found that they didn't have boards the size that I wanted. So I bought two boards of each size, instead, along with small beams and lots of screws. ^^ At home, I placed the boards next to each other and joined them using the beams. Now I had one large piece and one small piece.

I primed both boards, because I wanted to paint them later and the boards were just raw wood.

After priming, I had to sand, of course.

Then I started the painting part.

First, the basic color:

Yes, that's pink. ^^

Two coats of each color, then came the ornamentation:

At last, a finishing coat of varnish:

Then I lugged it all upstairs, took apart my old desk and made room for the new. Of course, the new one needed legs first...:

And then I joined the two sections with flat metal connectors, adjusted the legs and put everything where it's supposed to be.

And that's what I have now in my office:

My very first, completely self built piece of furniture! It's not a very sophisticated piece of carpentry, but it's all mine! ^_____^

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