May 27th, 2007

giving tea

Dear FList, I need your help...

I *desperately* need to do two things:
- loose weight
- get in shape

Not because I want to look like some Hollywood actress, but because I a) I hate the way I look and b) I am having trouble with my body. My right knee is starting to hurt, I've been having back pains for weeks now, I have trouble catching my breath, and you all remember that lovely little side-trip to the hospital that I took just recently.

There's only one solution to it: see the two points above.

Here's where I need your help.

While my *reason* tells me that, yes, it's a good idea to do those things, that evil little voice inside of me is saying, "What the hell, you've come this far, why bother to change things? You *really* don't need to do any exercise, you're still walking, right? Oh, that bit of chocolate won't do any harm (eats entire bar). You've had back pains for years, so why bother about them now?" And so on...

What I need is motivation.

One: I want to post my daily attempts here - and to be soundly scolded and guilted when I don't keep it up.
Two: I would like to receive a litte reward every week, when I *do* manage to keep going. Like... a little 1=2 ficcy at the end of the week?

I would be more than happy to have any of you join me in this venture, too, and then I'd definitely do my *damnest* to write for *you* by the end of the week (good incentive for me to get back into writing).

I want to be doing the following each week:

- do 30 minutes of some kind of exercise a day. Not more, because that takes too much time out of my day, but I've found 30 minutes to be an acceptable time limit. Exercise can be anything: half an hour on my exercise bike, half an hour swimming, 30 minutes brisk walk... but I *have* to actually *do* it that day
- watch my eating. I want to *try* to loose 1 kg a week. That may not always be possible (birthdays coming up, along with dinners out; business dinners; whatever), but I want to get as close to that 1 kg as possible

There are only a few things that will be permitted as a reason *not* to fill my daily quota:
- being sick
- being on a business trip with no possibilities of taking time out for exercise, or not having the facilities to do so
- an emergency of some kind (husband dropping dead, mother in hospital, whatever)
- vacation time (though I will be going down to Italy this year, so I can get the exercise part right - just not the eating. ^^)

Are you willing to help? Or do you want to join me?

I would be *ever* so grateful to all of you. I need to do this, or I won't be able to keep up with the kind of stress that I'm going through at the moment. But I can't do it alone.

*bows deeply in gratefullness to FList*