June 11th, 2007


Kracken Laptop Fund

Hi all!

Kracken needs a new laptop so she can write lots and lots of nice smutty stories for us.

I found this on Amazon. It's refurbished, but Kracken thinks it would do...

</a></b></a>ratherbe4gotten has already pledged $ 100,--

I will give the same.

Now all we need is the rest.

The whole thing costs $ 249 plus 16,50 shipping.

That's $ 65,50 that's left.

If you want to donate, please comment here.

EDIT: If we take the second seller's option ($ 299,- plus 16,50 shipping), it comes with a power adapter and a wireless network card).

EDIT: I've gone for the second option, thanks to all you generous people! I've already placed the order and it will go out to Kracken via expedited shipping in the next few days.

*HUGS ALL* Thank you *so* much for your generousity!
melancholy mountains


Thanks all of you for your generous donation to the Kracken Laptop Fund!

I've taken care of the order and it should go out to her within the next few days, if everything goes well.


Thank you.

*lurvs on Flist*