July 9th, 2007


*coughcough* *embarrassed look* >.> I'm looking for Naruto ff recommendations...

Eh... I seem to have gotten sucked in by Naruto. *blush*

Actually, I spent the weekend watching tons of Naruto episodes and have come to the conclusion that this is a really good series. I didn't think so before, because here (in Germany) it's being promoted as a kiddies series. And after I'd seen what they'd done to the original anime (I wonder that there's still anythink *left* of each episode to watch after the censors have gotten through with it), I realized that no, this is *not* a series for little kids - it's actually quite serious. And so... I ended up watching.

Now, I have a request of my flist:

Can you recommend any *good* Naruto ff? Preferrably angsty, well written, mature contents (not only sex, but the story, too), focussing on Sasuke and his brother? Smut optional.

I'd be much oblidged...

*hides in embarrassement*