January 22nd, 2008

Gundam 00 - Panic!

Still here...

Sorry, all, that I've been so quiet and unresponsive.

I'm bogged down *hard* in tax stuff. According to the nice gentleman at the IRS, I'm supposed to have everything in by the 31st. That's about as likely as pigs flying and singing Wagner operas while they're doing so. I have not only all the private stuff to slog through, but also all the business stuff. And it's getting more and more every year.

Also, we've got the first convention of the year coming up. Just a small one - Saturday and Sunday - but still work enough.

So I'm, as usual, trying to juggle everything at the same time and *still* stay sane. ^^

But I'm alive, more or less well, and slogging along. ^^