December 1st, 2008


Cleaning madness... ^^

So there's this guy from the printing company in the Tchech Republic that wants to come by tomorrow on an official visit. >.>

This touched off a half-day cleaning, clearing, moving and re-wiring-of-the-office spree.

Cleaned the hallway up on the first floor (where my office is). Took all the empty plastic crates that I use for my books and products when I go to fairs and cons up to the attic. Moved my daughter's stuff into her room and firmly closed the door. Cleaned out a box that had been sitting at the top of the stairs and was full of stuff left over from the move (two years ago... >.>). Vaccuumed the hell out of all the floors.

Finally put away all the books in the storage room, cleaned up the leavings from the last con preparations, stacked boxes that still had stuff in them in orderly fashion, vacuumed even the window-sill.

Cleaned the downstairs hallway, replaced burnt out light bulb, cleaned kitchen and dining room - because the dining room is where we'll meet, my office is *much* too small for two people to be in it.

Bought new phone for the office (my old one was *so* dead...), hooked it up, re-did all the electrical connections because I'd bought two big multi-plug connectors with electrical surge protectors. Tried to tame all the cables underneath my desk. Hopeless.

So now I can suddenly walk through my upstairs hallway without falling over various boxes and objects. ^^

Looks good. Now he can come. :)
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