December 10th, 2008


I want unagi! Now!

Went to a little sushi bar last evening. I was *so* happy to finally have discovered a sushi place within reach! Sushi isn't that popular out here 'in the country', so most places don't last long. But this one has been around for a year now, the sushi chef told me, and is small enough that it just might manage to survive. I hope!

So I had my standard of mixed nori maki, a California inside-out roll, and two unagi nigiri. I *love* unagi. And now I have this absolute craving for more unagi. *sigh* I actually have some in my freezer, but it would take much too long to thaw it and cook it properly.

I can only cook unagi when I'm alone - because the rest of my family doesn't really care for it.

*goes to eat a sandwich instead* ^^
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Seasonal Cards

Ok. So I'm a bit late. But I'm just putting together my address list for the Holiday/XMas/Yule cards. Some of your addresses, I have. But some I don't.

So if you'd like to get a seasonal card from me, then please leave me your address here. Comments are screened. If you've moved sometime this year, then you can assume that I don't have your address anymore.

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I'm spammy today... ^^

When I was in town yesterday, I finally bought watercolors. The artist kind. I've been wanting to get back into using watercolors for painting for a while now, but never got around to it. The nice thing about doing watercolor is, that I can paint in my office, right at my desk. It doesn't need a lot of room and I don't have to move too many things around.

So here is my first practice piece - beware! Large file! Collapse )
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