December 15th, 2008


It's Monday... ^___^

Starting Monday like I always do: by sorting the stuff on my desk and setting up a To-Do List.

Especially the sorting is important. It always gets me in the correct frame of mind. And this weekend my daughter spent time at my desk - so that means I get to remove all the little bits and scraps left over from her present packing spree. >.< I even found the box of X-mas cards stacked on my bed last night. She hadn't bothered to put it away. *grmpf*

My water fountain is finally up and running. I'm sorry that I don't have a digital camera right now - I would so love to show you. Because it's a really pretty little fountain... *sigh*

Ah... I found a picture of it here (beware - large picture!). Now, the picture shows the fountain without all the electrical stuff. So you have to imagine a black power cable leading down from the glass bowl and going to a control unit. They just photoshopped it away in the picture. >.> And of course I don't have a bottle of prosecco standing next to it. ;)

I also got responses on the 'personals' add that I had posted in our local newspaper! I'll have to go through them now and answer the gentlemen. I'm not sure whether there's anything useful there... *snicker* but it's good practice. I've been together with the same man for 20 years now - I'm sorely out of flirting practice. ^^

The part that I don't like about Mondays is the 'paying invoices' part... >.< But since I know that insurance payments are going to be due in January, I want the currently open invoices taken care of, before those other payments are due. I always prefer to *get* money, rather than have to shell it out. ^^

It looks like my still-husband might be moving out by the beginning of February. He's found a place (a friend of his is renting out a small appartment in her house), but it still has to be renovated, before he can move in. If everything works out the way I want it to, that will be in February. Then I have to have his room re-done (fresh paint, carpet cleaned etc.) and a small 'kitchen'-type area put in, where I can wash my hands and store my equipment, and by March I *should* be able to open my holistic practice again - part-time. We'll see.

But at least now it's looking like the future might actually be happening. :)

I hope your week starts as bright and beautiful as mine. :)
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