December 18th, 2008

melancholy mountains

Good morning! Or... good lunchtime? >.>

Got up a little later today than I should have.


...and this will only make sense to the online role playing gamers among you...

... I just *had* to finish this quest! ^____^

I've been working on this quest for almost a week now - it was a crafter quest, involving lots and lots of harvesting of resources in every part of the Everquest2 world. Even parts where it's not *that* healthy for my character to go, yet.

But last night, around 2 am, I was finished! And finally held the object of my desire - or rather, put it on.

The (beware, pics are fairly large, because otherwise you can't really see it well) Crafter Cloak in my Queynos home and a close up of the cloak as well as I could get it.


Just indulge me... ^^
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