January 22nd, 2009


Good deed for the day...

You know, since I work at home, I don't spend much time among people. It's not that I don't like people, or anything like that, I just don't need to go out unless I have to shop, or have an appointment. Having the office in the house means that I can move from my bed to my work and back to my bed, if I want to.

Not that I do. I do structure my day properly. ^^

But this morning the sun was shining, the ice and snow crystals were glittering on the trees and bushes and I couldn't resist going outside to take pictures with my shiny new toy. ^^

As I was stomping around my garden, looking for proper motifs to shoot, I was kind of looking across the street to the neighbors'. And I saw one of the neighbors move around his garden, then suddenly, I saw him slip and fall. I waited a moment, but then I saw him move and thought he's ok. But when he didn't get up, I walked a bit closer and saw that his wife was desperately trying to get him on his feet.

Now, there's snow on the ground - not much, but enough to make the walkway slippery. And the man is somewhat overweight, so he couldn't get his feet under him. Add to that the fact that both of them are over 80, they were stuck. So I walked across the street, just right into their property and realized that I'd been right in my observations: the woman couldn't help her husband get up, because he was slipping and he was too heavy.

So I handed her my camera, made him adjust the way he was sitting, so that he *could* get his feet under him once I start lifting, grabbed him under the arms from behind, bent my knees and *heaved*! Took a moment, but then he was back up on his feet and shuffling into the house on his own. His wife thanked me - she didn't even recognize me, even though we've been living across from them for three years (ok, I'm not outside that often, to *be* recognized... ^^) - and then I went back to taking more pictures.

They were lucky that I was out there. It's quite cold on the ground. And the other neighbors aren't much younger, I'm not sure they could have helped.

Well, good deed for the day. ^^ Now back to work. :)
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