February 3rd, 2009


I've become addicted...

... to my new camera. ^^

Whenever I go somewhere that's not shopping or just regular old 'have to take care of this' stuff, I take my camera with me. And then I wander around in a daze, looking for pictures to happen. ^^ And I find so many, that I'm going to have my memory card full in no time. I have to figure out how to delete all the stuff that I have on there - after downloading it, of course.

I still have lots to learn about taking pictures. And about the camera. It's still thinking *for* me, instead of letting me do my own thing, and I hate that. Have to work my way through the manual, so I know how to turn all those options *off*. ^^

But... if you want to look (you don't have to... ^^), there's more stuff up at my Deviantart Account. ^^

*want to take more pictures, instead of working... * ^^
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