November 19th, 2009


Webster's is my new best friend...


I actually dug out my old Webster's dictionary from the bottom shelf here in my office. That shows me how much out of practice I am where writing is concerned. ;__; Maybe there should be a NaNo every month? >.>

Then again, maybe not.

The internet is nice enough for looking up things, but sometimes I just want to make sure that the word I'm using actually means what I *think* it does. I've been reading too much fanfiction, I think. It's corrupted my language. ^___^
melancholy mountains


The sun is shining into my office window! I can't see!

Or rather, I see thing I'd rather I didn't. Like the fact that my office windows need cleaning. Desperately!

Hm... should I go get the cleaning stuff, or just continue to ignore it?



I'll go get the cleaning stuff... *wanders off*

EDIT: Ok, so now it's even brighter than before! Maybe I should invest in a set of shades? *ggg*

Actually, with November usually being a terribly dismal month, weather wise, I'm not unhappy to have bright sun streaming into my office. :)

Closing down for the evening... :)

11772 / 50000 words. 24% done!

While writing this evening I realized that this is the longest that I've written in 10 YEARS! Way back then I'd written Fanfiction for KFTLC (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues). One story was finished, the other still a WIP. And then I somehow stopped. Did small things in between, but nothing lengthy since then. I only hope that the current rush of inspiration sticks around long enough for me to 'win' NaNo.