May 21st, 2010


*hates the weather*

It's raining.

It has been raining for weeks now! It's 10°C outside, I have the heat on in the house. And it's still raining. If this keeps up for much longer, I'm going to jump out my kitchen window. Not that I'm going to get far - it's on the ground floor. ^^ But still, this is really starting to depress me. We had a long, cold, depressing winter with lots of frost and not much snow. We had almost no spring. And it feels like we're still having winter.


At least the muse has deigned to visit me again. I didn't even get dressed properly this morning because I just *had* to write down the next part of the scene from my original story. I'd been working on it last night, and this morning, in the bathroom, I was thinking about it and all those words just popped up! I *knew* that if I didn't write them down *immediately*, the whole flow would be gone. So I scribbled on whatever was handy. Had to throw on a bathrobe when the doorbell rang and a UPS guy stood outside with a delivery. I don't know what *he* thought I was doing - half dressed, with pencil and notebook in hand, wild-eyed, taking his delivery and continuing to scribble in my notebook. *gg*

At least, it's down on paper - and now in WORD. It's so frustrating sometimes when you type and type and agonize over a scene, and the words just won't come. And then, when they do, you can't put them down because you're doing laundry, or driving the car, or shopping or something. >.<

Well, it isn't a NaNo anymore, but it's up to 47.621 words. And so much still to write... :) I admire people like kracken, who seem to have the muse chained up in their basement and ready to spill the beans whenever they need them! ^___^ Mine tends to be quite fickle.


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