July 14th, 2010


That writing meme...

I was curious and backtracked to the group that coded the meme. Because I wanted to know how the app actually analyzes the text.

The blog-owner was so kind as to answer, when I asked: "...both words and sentence structure (not random)."

I also found his comment on the original post for the app.: "Currently it analyzes vocabulary (use of words), number of words, commas, and semicolons in sentences, number of sentences with quotation marks and dashes (direct speech)."

So, now we know a little more. He promised to reveal more in upcoming blog posts... :)

I posted a fairly long part of the fanfic that I'm currently working on, and again ended up with Dan Brown... :) Maybe I should go dig out his books again, to see what's similar... *ponders*

How fast do you write?

I'm working on another fanfic (yes, amarissia, *THAT* one...) and it got me to wondering: how fast do you write?

I'm up to 4662 words now and have been working on this for at least 3 or 4 hours. I do think about wording and even do small revisions while I'm writing.

Ok, I also have to deal with work-related stuff in between. And do the usual - get tea, go to the bathroom, etc.

But still. I'm definitely not done yet and probably have at least another hour or so of writing ahead of me. And that set me to wondering:

how much time do *you* need for your fics?
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