August 3rd, 2010


In the door... and almost back out again...


Thank you for all the good wishes on my last post! *HUGS FList*

Came back last night, tired but more or less satisfied. It went lots better than I thought. As always, it could have gone even *better*, but let's be thankful that the con didn't bomb.

We had the impression that there were a lot less people around than expected. Friday was *very* busy, but Saturday was almost boring. And Sunday was busy again. Not quite what we are used to... Usually, you can't even *breathe* on Saturday, or go to the toilet, because you're so busy. But not this year... Strange. Very strange.

Had a weird pain in my right side in the night from Friday to Saturday. Went to the hospital, but they couldn't tell me what it was, because they didn't have the equipment around to check it out. Hn. Wanted to keep me there. I declined. Going to the doctor today, instead, to have it checked out.

Hopefully I can manage to take care of everything today, so that I can go off to my yearly vacation tomorrow. Not sure, though. Still so much to do.

As always, I won't have personal internet down there, but I *will* try to wander on over to the internet cafe from time to time, since I also have to keep in touch with Cilli.

So there will be the occasional post or two. :)

I'll let you know when I leave, as soon as I know. :)
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I'm loaded...


I can now confirm that I'm loaded - with gallstones... That was the source of that unpleasantness Friday night.

They're very small, but there are lots of them. Right now, I have a hand full of pain meds and the admonition to watch what I eat. I'm going to be delving into my wealth of natural and homeopathic alternatives, to see whether I can't get rid of these on my own...

The rest of me is in perfect shape! ^___^
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