December 26th, 2010

melancholy mountains


Time to get cracking.

It's my turn for the family dinner. It will be fairly traditional Bavarian food, except for the salad (which will have the absolutely delicious Wagamama salad dressing) and the dessert (caramelized pineapples).

Gotta do a bit of cleaning and such... You know how it is when the Family comes. Don't want them to start looking into dark corners and worry about the plot bunnies there. ^^

This is what dinner will most likely look like. :)

Red cabbage:
Roast Pork:

More about presents and stuff tomorrow, I think...

Have a great day, everyone! *HUGS FList*
melancholy mountains

I may survive...

I'll let you know tomorrow... ^___^;

Actually, everything went very well! I had dinner ready (more or less) at exactly 5 pm, when everyone arrived. Only needed a little tweaking of the sauce, dishing out the dumplings, cutting the meat.

Roast pork was *perfect*! It virtually *melted* off the bones... It was absolutely succulent. The only thing that went 'wrong', if you want to call it that, is that I put the whole roast under the grill for a few moments and didn't watch it carefully enough. So while the crust was very crispy, it was also burned in a few places. >.< That made me a bit unhappy, because except for that everything worked out just perfectly.

My family all ate too much and very little is left. :) Which is really the nicest compliment that a cook can get.

Now I still have *lots* of beer left over - but that won't go bad, so that's ok.

My foot hurts, my back hurts, I'm pretty much dead on my feet, I have to do laundry tomorrow, because the linen tablecloth and the napkins all suffered, of course. But all in all, I'm quite pleased. ^___^

Now to play a tiny round of Everquest 2 and then fall into bed.

*HUGS FList*

<3 <3 <3 <3