January 3rd, 2011


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Good morning everyone! ^___^

Well... ok... more like good almost lunchtime. ;)

I had *wanted* to get up at 8 am. But I slept pretty badly last night and for some reason (well, ok, I sleep with earplugs, so that *might* have something to do with it) I didn't hear the alarm until it had been going for about 45 minutes... >.> Woke up at 8:45 am instead. So of *course* I didn't get started writing until *much* later than I wanted to. *sigh*


3203 / 100000

I didn't do too badly. Took me well over an hour, hour-and-a-half, but there we are... :)
melancholy mountains

Partial Solar Eclipse!

Guess who's *definitely* going to hear her alarm tomorrow morning! ^___^

There's going to be a partial solar eclipse tomorrow morning and if the weather holds, I'll be able to see it. I already made sure my camera is in peak condition, added another filter to the zoom lens and readied the tripod.

So I'll be awake bright and early tomorrow, bundled up in sweaters and warm boots and heavy coat and shawls and mittens and anything else I can find and out there in the field, taking lots and lots of pictures... ^___^