January 8th, 2011

melancholy mountains

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Somehow, the word meter looks strange if I have it placed all the way at the top of the post... Let's see whether it looks better when I add a few paragraph spacings in between...

5797 / 100000

No voice journal today. Back to the *real* story. ^^ I think that if my OC has more to say, he'll bug me when the time is right.

Calm day today. Had sunshine until the afternoon, then it started getting cold and cloudy. I think we might get snow again, soon. >.<

Read a whole book today. It was a historical novel about a young woman who was in the convent of Hildegard of Bingen, a famous abbess who was also a great healer. Even today her knowledge is being used by practitioners of alternative medicine (like me... ^^; ). As always, the book was too short - only 345 pages... *ggg* Read it in one sitting this morning.

Then I wrote.

Then I went into my office and went back to work... :)

Now I've had dinner (ate too much), a glass (or four) of wine, and am debating whether to play or to work... ^___^
Gundam 00 - Panic!


One of the communities that I'm on is being *SPAMMED* with het pr0n pics! >.>

I mean, I don't *mind* pr0n of any kind, but seeing *PAGES* of ... real het pr0n literally *poking* me in the eye.. with... parts of the body that should be under a lock... is...



And no moderator in sight to purge these...

I sent a report to LJ. I hope someone stops this bot (I assume the journal being used is a bot) soon...


Why can't it be *GAY* pr0n, at least? >.>