September 29th, 2011


Strange days...

*gg* Semagic just reminded me of my own birthday...

Another year passed. And what a busy year it's been! Always, there were two sides to whatever was going on...

Still not divorced - but as always, we remain good friends.
Insurance stuff still not resolved - but it looks like it won't be much longer...
Girl-child has to repeat 10th grade, because she had Fs in three classes. But I think it will be good for her. More time to grow and to really understand the subjects, before she starts into the last push towards graduation.
Currently overweight - but have no nerve to do anything about it...
Business growing - but we now need to find investors, so we can go for the big push.
Less time for fun stuff - but more business instead.

Basically, it's all ok. No major health issues (knock on wood!), no major disasters (may it remain that way!), just life... ^^

I'm glad to have such a wonderful FList, even though I've been very quiet lately (so much to do, not enough hours in the day...).

I am also privileged to have a wonderful daughter, who got up early to make breakfast for me:

And I had the strangest call of my life today: my biological father called me. After no contact for over 20 years, he suddenly remembers that he has a daughter... >.> For the first minute or so, after I'd picked up the phone, I was literally speechless. My mother's comment, when I told her of the call later: "He's getting old."


Maybe he really is. He has no other children and, as far as I know, only his brother also has a child - but with Down Syndrome. Hm... And maybe he's finally realized that he's missing out on being a grandfather.

Whatever the reason - he called me today. We talked for almost an hour, exchanged emails and websites (he's got a publishing company, too - so it must be in the genes... ^^) and now we'll see whether he keeps it up.


Party's scheduled for Saturday. I'm looking forward to that. If the weather holds, then we'll be outside most of the time, at least until gets cool in the evening. I'll simply set out a buffet, so I don't have to really cook. Less work for me, more time for party.

And now... back to work. After all, it's just a normal Thursday. *gg* Sort of. ^^