August 30th, 2012

melancholy mountains

I'm still alive...

... and I can't believe that my last post was back in February.


By the Gods! Where did the TIME go? >.>

It's like... it just got sucked into this huge, black hole. Never to be seen again.


I confess, I've been very, very busy. Finally getting an office for the company has proven to be an interesting experience. We're still learning to switch our thinking from the "I" to the "we". My business partner and I simply spent too many years working out of our homes, alone, to be able to slide into a smoothly working whole with ease. Especially, since we've added our first employee just in the middle of July. And then we had one of our big conventions. And then I went on vacation.

Somehow, there just hasn't been time to think, to reflect, to start setting up routines and work patterns. We've just been reacting and running full out. More or less.

We have one more *big* anime convention coming up in two weeks, and then fall is upon us. And with it, time to finally get down to working out all the kinks and nitty gritty details that running and working within a team environment entail.

One thing that's been cutting *terribly* into my free time is the commute. I confess that I'd underestimated just how much time is lost when commuting by train. On the other hand, gasoline prices have gone up to almost $ 8 for a gallon (or $ 2,10 for a liter) of lead free gas, so taking the train is *definitely* the only alternative. However, it means that I'm often not home until 8pm, or even later. And by then I'm too tired to still do much stuff on the computer.

So LJ has borne the brunt of my loss of free time. Though, just so you all don't feel *too* slighted, WoW hasn't fared much better... ^^;;

I *AM* on Facebook almost every day, since I use it for work - so if you want to hook up with me there, feel free to do so: Raven's Facebook page

There's also no way that I can catch up on all your posts, so if there's something that you think I should know or see, please drop me a line...

So. I'm still here. Still alive. Still working my butt off. ^___^

And missing you all....
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