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Hi there :)

Thank the Gods that LJ is back to normal. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't comment. It's not so much that I *want* to post a whole lot, it's more being *able* to, should I get the urge. I really felt terribly cut off from all of you.

Which circumstance asia_2 and sunhawk16 shamelessly abused to have a party - without me! - in my LJ. ^^

Not that there's much in the way of news. I'm still keeping up with my exercise and dieting program. I'm down to 92.2 kg by now. I'm taking it easy, because weight lost swiftly tends to return rather rapidly.

I did notice that I feel much more awake and aware after I finish my exercise. I think when you lose weight, you don't just lose it on your hips or tummy, you also lose the fat that gets stuck between your ears. At least I tend to feel that way. The more I lose, the more active in my life I become again.

Did yardwork today. I finally went out and bought a lawn trimmer (is that what it's called in english, too?). It looks like this: Garden Trimmer Even though it's not that heavy, it still takes strength to carry and move around. So now my arms feel like I've bench lifted my couch all day, and my hands refuse to work properly. I also burned the inside of my right wrist while adjusting the spool. *sigh*

I'd like to paint, but I'm going to have to wait until my hands function properly again. ^^;

I've started watching Naruto while doing my exercise in the morning. Since I have the japanese version, I'm getting all the good stuff. I compared it with the german version, and there's pretty much nothing left! O.o They cut out so much, I'm surprised they manage to get a whole episode together...
It's an interesting series. I didn't think that I would like it, but I'm already seeing that there's a whole lot more story behind it all than what's seen on the surface. I like that. ^^

Tomorrow, Zizi goes back to school. I almost didn't see her in these two weeks. She spent the first up in Cuxhaven with a friend, and then part of this one in Kempten with another. Still, I'll miss her when she goes off tomorrow afternoon. ^^ Even though she's starting to show signs of heading into puberty. Oh well...

Wanted to go see PoTC3, but I refuse to go with her, if she hasn't finished all her homework. So I guess we will be going next week. Maybe.

Aside from that, I've been busy. Next manga is due and the printer is having problems with his machine. *sigh* Also have a distributor who sells to the comic shops now. But you know, they take *50 %*! It's a wonder there's anything left over for me. And then we have to plan for the next convention. Flyers, coupons, mangas, posters... *sigh* Lots to do...

I'm *so* looking forward to my vacation in August this year!

*hugs all*



Jun. 9th, 2007 06:52 pm (UTC)
We're reeeeeeally sorry. ^____~
Jun. 9th, 2007 07:23 pm (UTC)


Look at me believe you.




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