Ravensilver (ravensilver) wrote,

More decorations

My friend just sent me the rest of the pictures of her decorations. I'm listing them here for her.

Christmas ball

Made from wire and decorated with a variety of semi-precious stones, sweetwater pearls, turquoise and decoration pearls

EUR 7,50


Stars with figures

Have a small or large decorative figure inside

EUR 6,50

small stars:

Star HFI-kl-01 with Moose

Star HFI-kl-02 with Moose

large star:

Star HFI-gr-01 with Santa

Large Stars

Size from point to point: 27 cm

Price: EUR 5,90

Star DG-gr-01

Star DG-gr-02

Various stars

Size from point to point: about 25 cm

Price: EUR 5,00

Star HF-gr-05

Star HF-gr-06

Star HF-gr-07

Star HF-gr-08 SOLD

Star HF-gr-09

Star P-gr-01 made with Paillettes (sp?)

Star P-gr-02 made with Paillettes

Various Small stars

Size from point to point: 14 cm

EUR 4,50:

Star HF-kl-14 decorated with handmade glass beads

EUR 3,50:

Star HF-kl-01

Star HF-kl-02

Star HF-kl-03 with beaded ribbon and braided leather ribbons

Star HF-kl-04

Star HF-kl-10

Star HF-kl-11 with turquoise colored plastic crystal

Star HF-kl-12

Star HF-kl-13

Star HF-kl-15

Star HF-kl-16

Wire-wood woven stars

Size from point to point: 14 cm

EUR 3,50:

Star DHF-kl-02

Star DHF-kl-03

Star DHF-kl-04 SOLD

I have the exact descriptions of each star, so if you want more information, just comment with the number of the star.

Shipping would be anywhere from EUR 8,00 to EUR 12,50 with regular mail.

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