Ravensilver (ravensilver) wrote,

Belated Happy Easter - or whatever it is you're celebrating...

Been taking the holidays off, more or less. Sleeping in, not cooking, doing lots of reading and creative stuff. There's mountains of things that I *should* have done - but just didn't feel like doing. Tomorrow everything will be back to normal and that's soon enough to me.

I hope you all celebrated and enjoyed in whatever fashion you pass this holiday.

We went to my mother's yesterday, for an Easter brunch and general get-together of family. It was nice to see my brother and my step-sister again. Since we're spread over half the country, we don't have many chances to really sit and talk and share. So we enjoyed the opportunity. And the good food, of course. :)

I was doing a little Photoshop work today. Scanned some pics and played with them a bit. I have more, but I don't know whether I'll get around to them today. If not, then whenever the next holiday gives me the chance.

This coming weekend we're off to the next convention. Just a short one - Saturday and Sunday - but we still have to drive up Friday and back Monday. As always, lots of work. ^^ But since my closest competitor isn't coming, I'll be the only yaoi and boy's love dealer there. *rubs hands* hrhrhrhr

If you want to look at the pics, go here: Raven's DA Account ^^

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