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Good day today... ^^

The weather's finally getting a bit better. Still very cold and wintry, but the sun was shining today, so it was all better. :)

Had another appointment with my psychological consultant (?) - he's not a shrink, he's a Holistic Healer, but specializes in psychological issues. Am working through the rest of my personal crap and I'm already feeling much, much better. ^^

Wandered around town after my appointment. Had lunch there, also coffee and cake. Bought a pattern and wool for my mother - she insisted on knitting something for me while she's on her upcoming sea-voyage.

Finished another Clive Cussler book. I think I'm addicted to his stuff. I just have to save some of it up for my vacation in August or I won't have anything to read then.

Came home, to a lovely, silent home - seeing as how my husband has started working part time again. So he's gone three days a week. Total solitary bliss!

Worked until now and felt *real* good doing it! ^^ I've been needing a personal boost for a while and today was a good day. Truly.

Actually, one of the random things that I could have added to my list is the fact that I always check my horoscope (I get one every day per email) before I do anything really important. It's been pretty blah for the last week or so - but today, today was a *good* day! ^^

So. How was *your* day today? ^^


Apr. 9th, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC)
One character George supposedly almost had a heart attack (or something). He is a very cheap guy, so he decided to go see a holistic healer, only because it's less expensive (^o^;) This holistic guy was very funny...telling George he was supposed be born in Spring and never to use hot water to wash his face etc. just everything totally random. Agg I can't explain it very well but I am sure your healer is better than the one in the show! (^o^;)
Apr. 10th, 2008 04:15 pm (UTC)

Well, that's certainly *not* the way certified Holistic Healers work over here... *gg*

Actually, I'm a certified Holistic Healer, but I don't work in my profession anymore (for a variety of reasons). I never added psychology to my credentials, so I need to go to a colleague to get things work out.

But the epsiode sounds very funny. ^^


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