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I've been very quiet...

I know...

Sorry, my dear Flist, but I've had so much on my plate, that I haven't really had time to breathe...

If I hadn't had those wonderful three weeks of vacation down in Italy, where I more or less vegetated on the terrace, reading, drinking wine, eating good, fresh, savoury tomatoes and mozzarella (and other great Italian food), I think I'd be close to collapse right now.

We got back from Italy, unpacked, repacked and went off to Vienna for a three-day convention. Well... I've had better... The promises that had been made, by the convention organization, were suddenly nil - no one could remember that we'd asked for certain reimbursements if we were going to come all the way to Vienna... It took a lot of discussion (and final compromise) and basically served to make that convention a bad memory. We did well, money-wise, but still... Guess where we're *not* going to again...

Back from Vienna, it was another unpacking, repacking sort of thing, because Connichi - the biggest convention in Germany, with 14.500 people attending - loomed. Thanks to my daughter's indefatigable help, I got the entire stock packed, labled, priced and stacked in the (rented) van. Up to Connichi in Thursday, convention on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, back on Monday. To find that the street no longer existed... >.>

For weeks now, there's been construction right in front of our house (and continuing up the street): new water pipes, new sewer pipes, new road... Except... we haven't gotten to the "new road" part yet. It's been a succession of hole -> street -> hole -> more hole -> street missing entirely -> hole -> something like a ditch -> dirt road -> hole. Currently we're at the combined hole-ditch-road stage. I arrived with a van full of stock, and no way to get to the driveway. So the next morning, the construction guys actually filled up part of the road so I could back up almost to the driveway and then helped to unload and carry everything inside. Then I took the van out again and the dug out all the stuff that they'd put in for the road so we were back to hole.

And now I'm trying to get through all the stuff that I haven't had time for this year, because I've been away so much.

Right at the top of the list is the lawyer business, of course. Finally, a friend of my mother's husband has agreed to look over the whole thing and see if there's anything that can be done. Or if we can sue our lawyer for neglect. I just put together the whole list of correspondance with our lawyer and noticed one very interesting thing: I have *nothing* on file for the whole year 2006... O.o

Of course, that was the year where we'd just moved into our new house, had the roof completely redone, also the entire house renovated, a solar water heating system put in etc. So we were kind of... busy.

We did find several notices of phone calls that we'd made - but no letters, faxes or emails. >.> Not from our side, nor from the lawyer's.

It's like, he was totally busy the first two-and-a-half years, and then suddenly dropped off. As if he'd lost his enthusiasm for the whole thing. Even 2007 we only had one appointment. And were told that deposition of the case was "imminent". Yeah. Right. NOT!

So I'm slogging through that.

I still haven't finished putting away all the left-over stock from Connichi... *sigh* And my to-do list seems to be getting longer, rather than shorter, every day. I truly wish I could have four or five of me. That would make things a lot easier - delegating to myself. ^^;

So. Right now I'm working my way through my stacks.

Aside from that, I was in the hospital yesterday, getting a esophagogastro endoscopy. I'd been having stomach troubles for almost a year now and figured it's time to get it checked out. Aside from feeling a little high and tired afterwards (they put you under for the duration, so that you don't fight against the pipe that goes down your throat), I was fine. Stomach looks good, nothing in there that shouldn't be.
Got my lungs x-rayed while I was at it, because I'd been having trouble breathing.

Next week it's back to the doctor for another round of tests and bloodwork, just to get a complete check-up. At my age... *coughcough*... it's a good idea to know that all the little aches and pains are just that: little things that tell you you're getting older...

So until my stacks have gotten a little less, I'll continue being more or less quiet.

I read everything on LJ - everyone of your posts - and if I can, I'll comment...

And one of these days, I'll be back on track... ^^

*HUGS Flist*
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