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This has been one of these days where I haven't accomplished a single, useful thing. >.<

Woke up with a serious crick in my neck. Haven't been able to turn my head to my right all day. I know it will go away, but at the moment it's really making my day miserable. It hurts and because I've probably pinched a nerve, I've also lost some feeling in my right pinky and ringfinger. It's not the first time this has happened - but it hasn't happened in a long time. >_<

My bronchitis is still holding on. I'm not coughing out my lungs anymore, but still feel not quite healthy. It's probably because I simply ignored the whole thing and kept working, instead of hitting the bed for a few days of reconvalescence. Yes, I know I'm stupid sometimes...

Still no resolution on a variety of issues. I'm getting mighty tired of not seeing the end of this...

Oh well, at least I found a good use for the big pit that's still 'gracing' the middle of my lawn (it got dug for the new sewer connection two months ago, but still hasn't been re-filled)... I dumped all my garden cuttings and fallen leaves inside. *evilsnicker* It's my garden, my property and my hole - I can do with it whatever I want... So there... :P

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