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Good morning, Monday. ^^

Contrary to expectations, my daughter came home from boarding school on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday evening. There was supposed to be school on Saturday, to make up for the extra day of fall vacation - but since Bavaria was expecting a bad winter storm, school had been called off and the kids sent home. So that kind of changed my weekend plans. ^^

No. I don't mind my daughter coming home early - I had just counted on one more evening to myself, since the still-husband unit was away - and expected to be away until Sunday (cheers, joys, dances!).

But then we had a really nice weekend together.

Though we spent most of it cleaning parts of the house, we still enjoyed doing it together. We re-arranged the kitchen counter, we cleared out several drawers that had been accumulating all kinds of junk, re-arranging the dishes that were in there instead. Now the junk's gone, and the dishes sorted properly. We even put away some things that had not really had a place of their own, yet.

Both evenings we cooked together - she helping me, and I making her favourite: mashed potatoes, Ravensilver-style. ^^ She ate so much, she was stuffed. *gg*

Saturday evening we watched "Last Action Hero" together, cuddled on the couch, each of us with a cat on her lap.

Between each cleaning action, we put in another load of laundry. By now I'm down to two - out of maybe 12 or 13 loads... >.> She always brings home *mountains* of laundry from boarding school. It's not only clothes, but also towels, bed sheets, table cloths etc. *sigh*

So Sunday continued the cleaning spree - she her suitcases and school stuff - me, my bedroom, which I'd neglected terribly. Removed about 15 books from my bedside, sorted all the printed out GW fanfics into two binders (a blue and a violet coloured one... yes, I'm silly...), realized that I am going to need some place to put all the little knick-nacks and stones and jewellery - so I'm going to go look for a drawer box or something like that today, put new sheets on the bed and vaccuumed the hell out of the place.

So now there's only half of the house waiting to cleaned, rather than all of it. ;) Maybe I'll run the vaccuum-cleaner through my office at lunch...

Now it's Monday, the stacks from Friday are still on my desk, and I'm going to have to go dig through them. :)

Have a good week! *HUGS to all*


Nov. 24th, 2008 10:49 am (UTC)
I should hire you and your daughter to take care of my house. ^___^ I'm glad you managed to make work into something fun!
Nov. 24th, 2008 10:59 am (UTC)

I wouldn't be any good... we only managed half the house. Didn't do the office, or her room, or the guest room or... ;)

Well, usually I spend even the weekends working on the computer, so it's nice to just stay away from the office once in a while and get re-aquainted with my daughter. Since we only see each other on the weekends. :)


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